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  • Design

    Our homes tell a story of who we are, the places we’ve visited, the people and the things we love. When making décor choices from paint colour to furniture we create a space that reflects our personal style. But one thing that we all benefit from is connecting with the outdoors. See how designer Joanne Cutler Smith made the most of the natural light to transform her Hazelton Project in Toronto.

  • Functionality

    The way that a space in our home is used varies from person to person. Is there an area in your home that you avoid because it’s not getting enough light? Or maybe certain spaces feel too closed off? With the simple addition of natural light and fresh air, it might be the solution that you’ve been looking for.

  • Comfort

    Since we spend most of our time in indoors, our home is the one place that we can alter to ensure that it benefits our health and well-being. Learn how natural light, fresh air and sky views from skylights can connect you to nature while transforming your home and increase your property value.